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Introducing myself and the aims of this course

Piano Course containing Visual Aids which connect notes more easily to piano keys & fingers as featured in:

technical workbooks featuring rhythm and scales

pieces for beginners and pianists of an intermediate standard; also contains remedial material


Listen to the INTRODUCTION

"That was the first piece of PIECES ARE SCALES IN DISGUISE a piano course for complete beginners or re-starters. We will be coming back to that piece when dealing with VISUAL AIDS in section 5.

I'm Annemarie Scheltema and, perhaps, a rather unusual piano teacher in that I describe myself  as being musically dyslexic (music blind) - by which I mean that my reading ability of music is below my playing ability. I'm also slightly dyspraxic resulting in problems with coordination.

Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, I was convinced that my own difficulties would play a very useful part in teaching the piano and so I went to the Royal Academy of Music in London to train as a teacher.

However my problems weren't really dealt with there and so after four years of studying, I realised that I would, myself, have to produce tutors which would concentrate on connecting the notes to piano keys and fingers more easily.

My piano course is intended for BEGINNERS or RE-STARTERS as well as for people who, like myself, need a REMEDIAL approach to reading. For instance, because of my visual aid in that first piece, I am able to introduce playing BOTH HANDS TOGETHER FROM THE VERY FIRST LESSON in the key of A major - so making friends with the black keys.

My course is particularly useful to adults who may have given up in their childhood and therefore welcome a new approach. They may, initially, prefer to explore this course as a means of 'self-help' but the support of a teacher will, of course, produce more fulfilling results.

If you would like to hear examples of more pieces then click onto section 3."

For further examples of pieces click onto PIECES Book I - IV
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